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suffering irreparable damage. the system that carries 77 million people between new jersey and manhattan each year was brought to a halt by the flooding. it reopened only yesterday. to help illustrate just how serious the flooding was, i would like to share this image from security cameras, showing corrosive see water flowing into the station. in new york, where public transit carries more than 8 million riders each day, the damage was unprecedented. sandy shutdown the entire mta system for only the second time in its 100 a year history. a subway tunnels were flooded. 12 subway station suffered major damage or were destroyed entirely. again, i want to stress the importance of investing now so we do not have to pay again the next time this happens. were tracks need to be raised, we should raise them. where walls need to be reinforced, we should reinforce them. where electrical stations need to be protected and elevated, let's protect and elevate them. the one thing we do not want is to find ourselves back in this room when the next major event it's our region. there are no other members h
hotel in manhattan. those were happy times and years later became a happy tomic with me, convinced early on that my father inhabited a magic world. a few years ago, while listening to a recording of cuban blues by chico, i remembered in new york in those stories of the 40's that chico and my father met at club cuba in manhattan and again in havana in the mid-50's. the sessions of chico's house in our neighborhood became so famous that even my father, not particularly fond of cuban jazz, couldn't resist dropping in once in a while at the much-talked about terrace. i listened to the rumba of chico's suite, then i would imagine chico back in new york doing arrangements for count bassie and ringo starr and i see myself turning into a big fan during my teenage years in havana. so that gives you a little idea about all these connections. i was born in havana in the mid-50's and my memory have many sounds. my history of my family has given me a variety of experiences and languages. my memory is like an orgy of music. i learned at an early age to get up on my feet and dance. looking at a photogr
go through lower manhattan. dest is one of the major note for the transatlantic cable. the undersea cables that cross the atlantic and transport this communication. it would go through a single building in london. it is the uk equivalent of ashford in the u.s. i know that because the two cables down the east coast of africa both have their major london.n from there it is a straight shot. it is a fascinating place. it is in the same spot as the ancient report. -- port. this is the place where the international -- >> where are these undersea cables that you referred to earlier? and by whom? >> there have an telegraph cables across the atlantic for 150 years now. depending on how you count, individual strands or cable systems, there are about eight or 10 or 12 across the atlantic. the current generation was laid in the mid-90s. up until about 2002. they are owned by a few companies. very large backbone companies. they are owned by telecom, verizon, british telecom joining with deutsche telekom. or a couple are owned by companies that only own cables across the atlantic. they bought the
de una imprenta en manhattan, segÚn la policÍa ha hecho declaraciones que implican el ataque. presentada a un grupo de testigos para ser reconocida la sospechosa. >>> atropellado al ser empujado a las vÍas del tren q en manhattan. >>> pasajeros pidiendo mÁs seguridad en las plataformas. >>> erica me den dez serÁ transferida a la corte. >>> segundo grado y crimen de odio, dijo a las autoridades que odia a musulmÁnes e hindÚes desde que destruyeron las torres gemelas. >>> univisiÓn. >>> una vecina del hombre que emboscÓ a bomberos en la vÍctima de navidad y matÓ a dos de ellos arrestada. >>> comprÓ las armas y despuÉs de disparar se suicidÓ, la mujer enfrenta varios cargos, mentir al vendedor a sabiendas que no podÍa tenerlas. >>> trabajan a puertas cerradas el senado para evitar el abismo fiscal, la fecha lÍmite en dos dÍas. lÍder de los demÓcratas y de la minorÍa republicana tratan de lograr un pacto que evite alza de imimpuestos para la mayorÍa los estadounidenses, el presidente obama reiterÓ que ofreciÓ un plan para el crecimiento econÓmico y la reducc
to manhattan how do i get it? >> online. tracy: amazing. he is delaying really well. head won online sale the day before as $60,000. wine lovers. as we wrap up the year but what is the biggest thing to keep your eye on? looking the other way at a shocking violence that the union rally. lou dobbs is here. tracy: spend a. spend. spend part of the model of the administration trillion dollar deficits the energy department announces $160 million plan to build more wind farms was bring in a senior fellow from the manhattan institute it is most laughable britain said the offshore wind farm is not produce amuch as three thought. it is not even a good idea we still spend money. >> it is agreed example to show the wind industry is the most favored in america wis subsidies and mandates hang getting subsidies under the national wildlife flawed no bearing more money at the offshore sector that would give expensive. tracy: the floating when the bill is out on the water somewhere slowly bringing power back? >> the important thing to realize what is the cost of electricity that may be generated offshore?
. >> good afternoon. i'm howard, vice president for policy research at the manhattan institute. thanks so much for joining us. the question of of whether and how government, particularly the federal government, directs tax dollars to specific industries was a discussion in last night's presidential debate, and can it's become an important and ongoing theme in the current presidential campaign. the terms on which washington assisted the finance and auto industries have also been the focus of intense debate, but probably the most contentious example of all is the one on which diana furchtgott-roth, manhattan institute's senior fellow and our speaker this afternoon, focuses in her timely and important new book "regulating to disaster: how green jobs policies are damaging america's economy." in it she subjects the assumptionings and policies which led to such ill-fated federal investments as that of the now-bankrupt solyndra solar panel manufacturer as well as the a123 battery manufacturer to a withering analysis which we at the institute have come to expect from this oxford-trained economist
filled with bones. they are still riding the ferry to manhattan and saying hey i can see these ruins out here and all of these bones are on there. wittman is writing editorials in the 18 30s and 40s saying that we have to do something about this. we have made a memorial for general washington all the beautiful statues on wall street but nobody has done anything for the people of the general washington to donate big business funds and of course on the ships there is not just americans. there are sailors from all over the world and significantly because of who has power and the besnett power. what is really interesting is in the modern times to go to ft. green for dreamspark for this bones are initially moved -- -- eventually moved. they had to vote and so than they are brought and standard white build a monument that is there now at ft. green which was a ford during the revolution but anyway they are there and in the 70's the city was having a hard time. i lived in the neighborhood and i met a guy and he was a member of black cowboys and african-american guy who was a big social justice
that no these facilities. the most tragic elements of the disaster from sandy -- the south ferry station in lower manhattan and hoboken terminal, facilities that the fta had just but hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in and sustain extraordinary damage -- our staff knows those facilities and knows what would in them. we work with the very same staff. rather than now have fema staff go into that relation on the rebuilding, we think there is a lot of efficiency to the taxpayer to have the fta still involved in that in a way that, as one transit grantee put it, we like having you here because you speak transit. we will save time and money because you do. >> finally, let me go back to a comment you made in your oral testimony about having the resources necessary to understand and rely upon so that a community or individual or business can make and inform -- an informed decision depending upon and relying upon that decision will be funded at the end of the day. what is the consequences of not having the resources under which you would make those decisions? >> the consequences basically are that the recov
. and people write in the ferry to manhattan. hey, i can see these folks out there, hoping runs. all of these bones are on a. and woodman is writing in the 1830's, 40's. we have to do something about this. we have made a memorial for general washington and all the business. by a beautiful statue down on wall street, but no one has done anything for the people who are not general washington's he don't have big business sponsors. of course on the ships there is not just americans, sailors from all over the world. significantly because of who has power into doesn't, a lot of african americans. and what is really interesting is, you know, in the modern time , to go to the fort greene park where those bonds are eventually moved, tammany hall takes up the cause of the bonds of one. >> and have them vote. so there put in a crypt. >> and the minute it is there now was built. for a crane, which used to be a fork during the revolution. they are in there, and in that part decays. the 70's, the city was having a hard time. the people who took care of the park, and the guy and he was a member of
the gun owners as well. this is a manhattan based paper. suburb of manhattan. they always do this. they treat gun owners like they are sex offenders. now it's not -- the liberal way is acceptance. this is let's identify people with guns. but really, it's hitting i think neighbor against neighbor. >> kimberly: like they're lepers or pariahs. >> juan: you're boll loxed me on this. i thought you'd come out with a rant that said why did they do this, poor gun owners. you're saying great! eric says i'm all for it. the bad guys will runbe in the other direction. you know whyed they did it? in the aftermath of connecticut a lot of people think people with a lot of guns, well, you know what? it's a public safety issue. do i want to live near people with a young of guns with arsenal basement? >> eric: where is safer, the area with all the guns or without guns? >> juan: unlike you, i don't goins and i feel safer without guns. >> eric: three dots. that suburb they posted had thousands. the one with three dots or the one with thousand dots is more safe than new york city? >> juan: obviously n
it matters to the rest of us. plus, on a crowded sidewalk in manhattan, a gunman walked up to his victim and pulled the trigger. >> he got shot in the head and just so much blood. >> tonight the newly released surveillance video and developments in the manhunt for the midtown killer. >> but first from fox this busy tuesday night, an historic defeat for unions in the state considered the birthplace of organized labor. supporters call it right-to-work. opponents say it's more like the right to work for less pay. either way in michigan it is now the law. >> hey [bleep] >> camera [bleep] >> shepard: protesters by the thousands stormed the state capitol in lansing today. as we just saw things occasionally got a little rowdy. they could not pass the legislature from passing the bill. it makes it illegal to force workers to join a union and illegal to force them to pay dues. factors say it will bring back jobs to michigan. critics claim it will lead to lower wages and fewer benefits. the governor, the republican governor just signed the bill about an hour ago making michigan the 24th state to b
haggle in congress. i live in loir manhattan and we have seen problems with super storm sandy. we have businesses that are close not reopening and this is happening in areas hit by the storm. the vital thing is to get the money flowing and more important than congress hagsling. snurkswe need to swallow pork to get what we need. >> no, we don't. you look at sandy spending bill if dc got hit and not new york or new jersey . two weeks after cat can the hit the new orleans area. that area got money. we are still waiting because it is hung up by pork. you are seeing 3 billion to pair or fix and new cars for the fbi and new trees in cemeteries and silly things like that. it is pretty bad. this could pass on its own merits. i am not for nationalizing why do you need pork to pass the bill? >> why do you need the pork? >> it is important to put all mischief in one bill and keep an eye on it load it up. >> you think it will make a difference. >> put allast payola and i am not as cynical as steve forbes is about what legislators can do in a situation like this with an engineer. i think half of th
manhattan which is one of the major nodes, the kind of, you know, international airport, you could say, for the transatlantic cables, the undersea cables that cross the atlantic and transmit the vast majority of information. and then i can almost guarantee you that it would go through a single building in london, a building called telehouse which is really the u.k. and europe equivalent to ashburn and 60 hudson, these two buildings in the u.s. and i know that in particular was the two cables down the east coast of africa both have their major hubs, their major nodes at telehouse in the docklands in london. and from there it's a straight shot to a landing station in mum bass saw, again, a sort of fascinating place partly because it is in the same spot as kind of the often chept port. -- the ancient port. you know, this is always the place where the international links have been made. >> host: andrew blum, when were these undersea cables that you referred to laid? and by whom? >> guest: well, there have been telegraph cables across z the atlantic for 150 years now. the current generation
manhattan. the pressure built up by gravity from the mountains pushes the water upwards toward the surface through vertical shafts. these shafts feed the water mains of each neighborhood, which branch into smaller pipes below the streets... feeding into buildings and houses, into the plumbing, and finally, after its long journey, to our faucets. providing water to homes and industry is a monumental task, requiring immense infrastructure. but once the water is delivered and used, it must also be taken away. man: it's important that the waste generated by any society not be left around. cholera, and other diseases and problems, have been spread, because people wound up living in filth. even the ancients understood that you couldn't have the sewage where you lived. and the easiest thing to do was transport it to another spot -- by water, or a river. most of the first sewer systems were on the east coast of the united states, often in places that already had developed a citywide water supply system. sullivan: in 1630, boston was basically three mountains, there were very steep hills. waste wou
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. joining us now, manhattan institute's senior fllow, the president of the national right to work defense foundaton. welcome to yu both. let me begin with you. twenty-four states now right to work. the governor, the outgoing governor f new hampshire not vetoing. that would have been 2. that is an impressive, if you will, said of progress to markair. isn't it? >> that's right. this is exciting. with indiana's passage of the 23rd right to work on february 1st in michigan passe, it has been a good year, and it's important to battle. your description of it was spot on this is about ending compulsory dues payments to union officials. that's it. lou: and listening to the president yesterday, your thought there were trying to tear down collective bargaining to end the right to organize a union. i mean, the hyperbolic language was extraordinary. >> considering that the union movement, $400 million to help them get elected, what would you expect? it's the same thing we saw in wisconsin. actually -- and this has played out in the media. lou: you asked me aquestion. i'm going to answer it. what woul
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a republican ship and illegalu immigration bringn hispanic voters under the republican banner? manhattan institute fellow heather mcdonald our guest here n@a lou: republicans facing increasing calls for immigration reform following the president's reelection in part of that victory on the part of the president and in the minds of many due entirely toan the suppt of the hispanic voter. exit polls show since a 5% of voters believe most illegalhmost immigrants working in this country should be offered a chance to apply for legal status. 28% say they should be deported. joining us, manhattan institute fellow, heather mcdonald. great to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: your judgment as a matter of policy. what do you think is the appropriate way for publicon policy on the issue of illegal immigration?>> >> i would like to move ourm immigration system toward the skill face qualifications that i you come and not because you have a family member alreadybu here but because you have skills of the american economy needs and the language. with regard to legal immigration, think the rule of
to manhattan how do i get it? >> online. tracy: amang. he is delaying really well. he had won online sale the day before as $60,000. wine lovers. as we wrap up the year but what is the biggest thing to keep your eye on? looking the other way at a shocking violence that the union rally. lou dobbs is here. next. [beep] [indistinct chatter] [kids talking at once] [speaking foreign language] [heart beating] [heartbeat continues] [faint singing] [heartbeat, music playing louder] ♪ i'm feeling better since you know me ♪ ♪ i was a lonely soul, but that's the old me... ♪ announcer: this song was created with heartbeats of children in need. find out how it can help frontline health workers bring hope to millions of children at tracy: spend a. spend. spend part of the model of the administration trillion dollar deficits the energy department announces $160 million plan to build more wind farms was bring in a senior fellow from the manhattan institute it is almost laughable britain said the offshore wind farm is not produce as much as three thought. it is not even a goo
. with more on the government's misuse of 9/11 funds, we have the manhattan institute scholar and "new york post" columnist michael goodwin. welcome to you both. -icole, i'm going to start with you. you just read an article on this, and you have done a ton of research. let's talk about the dollars and cents. how much money as the port authority gone through and how much are they overbudget? >> originally in the first month after 9/11, when the port authority had a first financial where they put out, they said we are not going to have to pay the cost of this in rebuilding. and they said that we are going to get all of this money for the federal government. do not worry. ten years later, they had borrowed nearly a billion dollars. after the storm, they thought they were getting all this free money from washington and they didn't spend it very well. >> all right, why is the port authority involved in the first place? are they supposed to run the bridges and tunnels and transportation? i don't get it. >> one of the things about the port authority is it is a bistate agency. new york and new jers
to the other, from the manhattan end to the brooklyn end. ere were close to 100 million gallons of water that had to be pumped out of that tunnel and it's still not back up to snuff. that's one of many examples. there's so many. the mta did a very good job. i want to congratulate joe lhota. they moved their rolling stock to high ground. tried to barricade this awful flood in the best way they could. boy, it's awful. the mta is the largest public transportation system in the country. it's the life blood of new york. it's our circulatory system. 3.5 million people g on and off manhattan island every day to work. wow. 3.5 million people. i guess that's more than the people in mississippi and probably more than the people in dade county, any way. and we depend on it. 2.63 billion trips a year. as i said, the mta took a lot of necessary precautions. but this is 108-year-old system. it's the first major subway system in america. and it was never subject, as you noted correctly, senator nelson, with the full moon, the high tide and the huge storm. never hadnything like this. the mta tried to pu
with the storm. got waves as high as 15 feet at manhattan beach. paul joins us again talking about rain. there is some clearing out there. >> we'll take as many breaks as we can get. when we get the rain, has nowhere to go now. we're getting a bit of a break before storm number 3 arrives. it's a good thing. let that rain, precipitation run off. it's going to pour tonight and tomorrow. here's a look at radar. scanning skies and not finding much. a few showers. it was pouring in the city itself. half-moon bay. big change right new. the rain has temporarily moved out. look at the rain up to the north. that has to work its way through the entire bay area. let's talk specifics. russian river, 35-foot crest. that likely will occur just before lunchtime on monday. that is moderate flooding. thankfully not widespread flooding. 18-foot crest with moderate flooding likely. that crest because it's a smaller river will occur quicker or earlier. that's going to be around lunchtime tomorrow. watch out tomorrow for moderate flooding in st. helena. as for what's going on, you can follow this moisture t
identified as jeffrey hillman wandering barefoot in manhattan last night. when asked about the $100 boots that a new york city officer was seen giving him, hillman said he had hit them because they are worth a lot of money. hillman told the reporter he was grateful for the gift but was also wants a piece of the pie apparently saying the photo of him receiving the boots was posted online without his permission. it was an arizona tourist who witnessed the gift-giving. her photo went viral after it was posted on facebook. so... he wants a piece of the pie. >> i guess. what does that mean? >> he got boots. he should be happy with that. >>> let's check the weather. >> we can relax for a day after stormy weather around the bay area. we are catching a break between all those storms and we can use it. you know what, hi-def doppler has been very busy but right now very quiet as there are no raindrops on the screen right now. somewhat unusual compared to what we have had over the past few days. over the bay looking good but what a series of storms we had. get a load of some of these totals since we
at the 49th street station in manhattan. witnesses say the 58-year-old victim tried to climb out of rail bed but it was too late. several riders who witnessed the death were treated for trauma. >>> if you believe that men seem to love themselves, new study on romance provides some evidence. researchers asked 100 men to look at photos of women real and ones that computer manipulated to resemble the men hooking at the pictures 37% thought the face that -- looked most like there's was most attractive. >> get out! >> yeah, seriously. in a different study in 2008, hungarian scientists found women are inclined to choose partners no look like their fathers. researchers think maybe this has to do with the familiar and comfortable. >> okay. 4:57. developing news in san francisco, where muni is just now saying it has re-- it has restored power that disrupted service. live with an update. >>> why protesters are ready to let it all hang out ♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big t
tren q en manhattan, el maquinista no pudo detener el tren para salvar a la vÍctima >>> en egipto al menos 18 personas resultaron heridas, tras las protestas contra el presidente ma hospita hmohammed. la el emblemÁticas plaza estara llenoes ma de hola, quiero hablarle sobre la revisión independiente de la ejecución hipotecaria. este programa, monitoreado por reguladores de bancos federales, es gratis y da a los dueños de casa elegibles la oportunidad de solicitar que una parte neutral revise sus hipotecas para ver si hubo errores en la ejecución hipotecaria. si se encuentra algún error, los dueños de casa podrían ser elegibles para una compensación u otra reparación. para más información llame hoy. en colombia un campesino recibÓo las manos de la farc un niÑos, no sabiendo que era el niÑo de clara rojas, la odisea estarÁ en el chile a partir de maÑana, maribel osorio con la primera parte de la odisea. >>> Él es jose creÍ santo gÓmez el hombre que protagonizÓ una pelÍcula, empezÓ en el 2005 y llegaron a su casa para comen c men dar encomendar lf encomendarle el
located downtown manhattan around water street, i think it's ten water street. i place that just to give you an image of what it might be like working at downtown new york for a bull company let's say. then the lord said to moses "go into pharaoh and tell him thus the lord god, the hiewb rues and lead them go and if you refuse to let them go and the hand of the lord is on the kotle in the field, on the horses, on the camels, on the oxen, on the sheep and severe testament and the lord will make the difference of the life stock of egypt and israel and had a set time and the lord will do this thing in the land and the lord did this thing the next day and all the life stock of egypt died but the life stock of children of israel not one died and the pharaoh went and not one of the israelites was died and the lord said to moses take for yourself and handful of ashes from a furnace and let moses scatter towards the heavens and in the sight of pharaoh it and become fine dust in egypt and boils that break out on man and beast and all the land of egypt. >> thanks. next speaker. >> yes, i am bor
a housewife and a crazy dame and organized grass-roots effort and greenwich village and the lower manhattan express way and was arrested for inciting a crowd on the project. thank you linda for remaining peaceful. >> hi. i am speaking with respect to the news zoning overlay for the western soma district. i can speak now or wait until that agenda items comes up. >> this is the opportunity to speak on the certification of of the environmental impact report. >> okay. so i will wait. >> come on up ms. hester. let me call a few more names. >> i would sit down if there were people ahead of me. >> i called the names. it appears they're not here. >> sue hester. i sent my letter to individual members of the commission and the bureaucracy and the secretary. i am concerned about the rules of the planning commission, and i have particular attention to intention to the require requiring two week packets. it's in the rules of the planning commission, and the rules belong to the public as much as they belong to anybody. a commission matter that is complicated is supposed to have a packet two weeks
vÍas de manhattan, el sospechoso fue acusado en a eso asesinado de segundo grado estÁ detenido sin derecho afianza y comparecerÁ en corto el 11 de diciembre. las nuevas normas estatales y la nueva reforma migratoria podrÍan ser la reacciÓn de nombres de indocumentados en el paÍs, carlos bo ftifoll tiene los detalles del Último informe. >>> despuÉs de una decada de crecimientos nuevos datos ven la cantidad de caÍda en la cantidad de indocumentados de un 80% proviene de amÉrica latina especialmente de mÉxico >>> la economÍa tiene un impacto grande >>> en el 2011 habÍa 11. 1 millones de indocumentados en estados unidos, sumaron 12 millones en el 2007. hay menos personas que son elegibles para, para emigrar a los estados unidos universidad ahora de mÉxico porque hay menos jÓvenes de meÉxico ahora. >>> lo mÁs importante de mÉxico que segÚn el informe en el 2000 alcanzaron una cifra de 770 mil la mayorÍa indocumentados y para el 2010 bajÓ a 140. mario vilrl es estÁ aquÍ. >>> aquÍ hay aabundantes trabajs >>> por primera vez desde 2010 la pi gramigraciÓn de asiÁtico
york city? >> lower manhattan was the first place that took off, then chicago. those early passenger elevators always had an attendant that would take a passenger's request and then operate the car. the big change was the emergence of a electric elevators. starting in 1880, the electric elevator allowed building dollars to go much higher. we evolved from steam hydraulic elevators to the electric elevators that are not that much different from what we are going to see now at the top of the tower. this is the steam room on the top of the state st. francis. -- on top of the state francis. the equipment you see painted green, that is all the original equipment from 1972. we are just now in the middle of modernizing this equipment. >> why modernize? doesn't the equipment works fine? >> it does, it is of analog and intensive, and there are some additional controls. let me introduce the foreman to you. this is vince. he can do a better job explaining the project details. >> what is happening here, what are you doing? >> we are doing a major modernization. we are tearing out the ol
not know what happened that morning in that hotel room in manhattan where she says she was assaulted by dominique strauss-kahn. he says it was a consensual encounter. we do not know what happened. we do know that to completely different lives were completely turned around. >> ok. thank you very much. you are watching "bbc world news america." could not in the dna of cancer patient helped generations of people? and you project of britain is counting on a to do just that -- a new project in britain is counting on it to do just that. share prices in italy have fallen sharply as investors reacted to in the news that mario monti intends to resign. berlusconi hopes to stage a comeback. >> stormy political weather ahead for italy. suddenly, mario monti is on the way out. there will be early elections and berlusconi is reaching for power again. on the markets, there is deep unease. they're like the austerity measures and the reforms of the technocrats, mr. monti. they fear the return of politics as usual in italy. even if berlusconi is far behind in the polls, the very idea his attempt at co
at the crash site. len ramirez, cbs 5. >>> a man was shot execution style on the streets of manhattan today. brandon woodward was from los angeles. a suspect walked up behind the victim and shot him in the back of the head and then calmly walked to a waiting car and sped away. it happened right in midtown. no word yet on any motive >>> the body of a navy seal killed in a daring rescue mission is being flown back to the united states. randall pinkston said the pennsylvania native died saving the life of a doctor kidnapped from the taliban. >> reporter: nicolas checque was a member of the seal. on his latest mission, he and his team were called in to rescue a doctor. last wednesday, east of kabul, that taliban forces kidnapped if joseph and two afghan staff members. u.s. officials say the taliban demanded $100,000 random for joseph, money his contain did not have. on saturday night, the navy seales, including petty officer nicolas checque, launched an assault. nicolas checque was killed by a single gunshot to the head. seven taliban members, who were armed with machine guns, grenade launchers
manhattan's famous neighborhoods. >>> jim nance stops by studio 57 today, talking hoops, history and the hottest teams in the nfl. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> these so-called right to work laws they don't have to do with economics. they have everything to do with politics. what they're really talking about is giving you the right to work for less money. >> big labor braces for defeat in michigan. >> poised to become the most unionized right to work state. >> if this law passes it means if you're looking for work you wouldn't be forced to joan a union. >> police are estimating 10,000 protesters will be here around the capitol. >> it's not about more jobs. it's trying to reduce the middle class even further. >>> severe weather including a possible tornado has damaged dozens of mobile homes in central florida. >> we're devastated about the whole thing. >> similar scenes in alabama, trees knocked into homes. >> oh my god. >>> a member of the navy's elegal s.e.a.l. team six killed in afghanistan during a weekend rescue missi
guadalupe que fue transportada desde manhattan mÁs de dos meses por miles de personas que caminaron desde la basÍlica de guadalupe en mÉxico, millones de fieles honraron a la virgen morena. >>> cuando uno los ve se pregunta ¿de donde sacan tanta energÍa?. sobre todo los mÁs pequeÑos que bajo el sol caminan, bailan y se esfuerzan por llegar a ver a la virgen morena. >>> ¿cuantas horas caminaron?. >>> como siete, me saliÓ una ampolla y ya. >>> ¿no te diste por vencido?. >>> no. >>> miles de niÑos aprenden y practican la fuerza de la devociÓn por la virgen morena. >>> dar gracias y a decirle a la virgen de guadalupe que ojalÁ nazca mi sobrino. >>> junto a la voz de ana bÁrbara los pequeÑos se unieron al homenaje de la virgen del tepeyac. las hermanas reyes danzaron en el pizso caliente antes de pedirle un favor a la virgen. >>> tenemos que bailar por mi papÁ. >>> ¿quÉ le pasÓ?. >>> tenÍa tos y estaba trabajando y tenÍa tos y le sacaba el asma con harta sangre. >>> adultos traen a sus hijos con la esperanza que maÑana hagan lo mismo con sus hijos, de esta manera crezca la la
isla de manhattan des hacerse en pedazos. el tema del calentamiento global. 2 pilotos sucios dijeron que estÁn convencidos, de que sobrevolaran el territorio estadounidense de costa a costa en el 2013. pro mr pulo r propulsados por energÍa solar. sin utilizar una gota de combustible por 26 horas seguidas el aviÓn vaoil de dÍa y noche. almacena la energÍa del sol que capta por sus alas. vamos a ver en quÉ forma de nacimiento de un niÑo hispano sumÓ 12 mÁs al tri o de 12 que en zaoer nacieron hoy. >>> sus comentarios en facebook y twitter
to recruit top talent. go to manhattan. >> that is the point. if bailouts maintain the government centered focus to our economy? >> yes, and it's sucking the% whole economy and we're getting two or 3 percent growth. there are $200,000 jobs in north dakota in the oil field. i would tip into paying to move the bankers to north dakota. >> by the way, on bailouts in terms of banks, there are established procedures, if you have good collateral, you get a short term loan and get over the cash crisis. that is what they should have done in 20078 instead of putting in equity capital. >> neil: coming up next. >> kick the can road down the road for too long. >> we're not going to be able to solve it by kicking the can down the road and doing all the gimmicks in the past. >>> they say they don't wanted to kick the can but steve forbes that is exactly what washington should do. this is flip side. you do not want to miss. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] a full life measured in seats starts with the right ones early on. car crashes are the number one killer of children 1 through 13. learn how to prevent d
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